SMK SYN XS78 Tactical Multi shot Sniper .177
[XS78 Tactical Multi]
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SMK SYN XS78 Tactical Multi shot Sniper .177

The New for 2017 SMK SYN XS78 Tactical

Will be available in both .177 & .22.

Includes Bipod, 4x32 Scope, Mounts & Integrated Sound Moderator.

Bolt action, multi shot tactical rifle.

Synthetic stock.

C02 Powered.

Length 39.9".

Weight 5lbs.

Single Stage Adjustable Trigger.

This model of the fantastic Rat Sniper rifle comes in a synthetic tactical shot complete with a new multi shot bolt action system makes it ideal for hunting and target shooting.

The synthetic stock includes a thumbhole grip with a contoured pistol grip for a comfortable and strong hold, along with a lined pattern to the forestock which increases grip in this area.

The front of the stock includes mounts for the included bipod for extra stability on long range shots.

The precision steel rifled barrel is very accurate and is fitted with a sound moderator to reduce the muzzle report when the pellet leaves the barrel.

Pellets are loaded through the easy to use bolt action system, which now incorporates a multishot system for quick reloading in case you need a quick follow up shot.